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27. Where Has Suzy Gone?

From outside,
I can hear the swish
of PaPa' smearing plaster over the wall.

Had I been older, I might have asked why?
Had I been bigger, I might have said no!
Had I been stronger, I might have run away.

I just stood still
while he nailed boards
over the space in the wall.

PaPa' said it was a game,
another game.
I never liked his games.

I want to go to the park.
I want a puppy.
I don't like playing PaPa's games.

I can't sit down here.
It's dark, and it's dusty.
I hear PaPa' moving around.
Soon Momma will be home.

I can hear her asking for me.
"Where has Suzy gone?"
And PaPa' says,
"She has gone to get eggs."

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